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Updated: Jun 10, 2023

This summer I did a road trip with my girlfriends, Raeganne, Little-Mo Irish & Donna from North Carolina to Michigan following Liverpool FC on their #LFCPreseason tour and discovered some beautiful places along the way. Detroit was eye opening. I was really impressed. A city that had been struggling financially for sometime as really come back to life. The people were so friendly and proud of where they were from and so willing to share history and stories of their city. As you walk from downtown #Detroit towards Hart Plaza, you can’t miss the monument. It’s called #Transcending. It was build to honor the Labor Movement in #Michigan. As you head down Jefferson, the broken circle is larger than life with it’s arcs reaching 63 feet high as it frames the city beautifully.

After doing a little digging, I discovered the Michigan Labor History Society formed a non-profit to create this landmark for the labor movement. It was designed by two artists. The base of the monument including 14 Vermont granite boulders, each 6’ high were designed by Italian artist, Sergio de Guisti while the 63’ steel arcs were created by David Barr, an artist from Livonia. I was told the reason the two 30 ton arcs don’t meet to make a circle is because it symbolizes the work in the labor movement that still needs to be done. The granite boulders symbolize the achievements and scarifies of the American workers. The monument was dedicated on August 30, 2003.

📷Article by Amy Kate - @Amy Kate8LFC

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