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(📸 Property of Olivia Hancock)

I first heard of Olivia through our involvement with the FIFA Fan Movement. I was impressed with what she has accomplished at such a young age. Just like me, she fell in love with football (we call it soccer in the United States) when she was 4 years old.

When I was growing up in Southern California I played with the boys (it would be co-ed but I was usually the only girl) but, I was lucky that we had girls teams to play on, I continued to play competitively into my late 30s and was part of an all female coaching staff for a girls club team in San Diego for a few years until the team folded. Football is my first love and still is today But unfortunately, due to multiple knee injuries, I can‘t play competitively anymore. Although Women’s football is not as popular as the men’s game, it’s still a lot more advanced in the United States than other parts of the world.

Olivia shared in her video #LetGirlsPlay, published today, November 8, 2021 it’s her passion for wanting young girls to be able to play football without the barriers and has been campaigning for since 2017. Today is Olivia’s 16th birthday which mean she was 12 years old (give or take) when she took this on! I don’t know about you, but I don’t know many young people with such passion for something and have dedicated themselves to making a difference in what they believe in.

In support of #GirlsPlayFootballDay, Olivia shared this message on her social media channels, “As a little girl I was often told that girls don’t play football, I am 16 today & still love football. My message is that football is for Everyone. Every young girl deserves equal access to football in schools”.

She has worked hard to spread her message and people are listening to what this incredible young lady had to say.

Check out this message from Comedian and huge #LFC supporter, John Bishop in support of Olivia’s campaign, #LetGirlsPlay.

Olivia Hancock with John Bishop (📸property of Olivia Hancock)

Getting to know Olivia:

This is just some of her accomplishments:

⚽️ Recipient of Diana Legacy Award 2019

⚽️ FA Ambassador #LetGirlsPlay British Citizen Youth Award

⚽️ Member of the FIFA Fan Movement

⚽️ Has raised thousands of pounds for charity

Olivia, you are an inspiration to all of us! Keep fighting for what you believe in, Keep being you! This is what a Role Model looks like!

If you want to learn more about Olivia or her campaign follow her on social media.

(📸Property of Olivia Hancock)

Twitter: @LittleOlivia7

Instagram: @oliviahancockfootball

YouTube: BBC Interview

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