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Anfield Index’s #Liverbirds: Courtois-ing Disaster

#Liverbirds: Courtois-ing Disaster

The ladies get together for the final pod of the season. We talked candidly about our feeling in regards to how upset and disappointed we all were with how things transpired in Paris. Of course we were sad about the match result but more importantly the treatment of fans but the French Police, The disorganization of UEFA and the possibility what could have been so much worse.

There were lots of Positives too! #LiverpoolFCWomen becoming Champions of the FA Womens Championship and being promoted to the Barclay’s Women Super League, the big parade in Liverpool celebrating the club accomplishments and more.


The #liverbirds (with a new bird in the flock) reconvene for the last time this season, to pick apart the Champions League final, the build up, the disastrous organisation for fans getting into the Stade de France & aftermath. Gae hosts as Randi, Amy Kate and Kim focus on what a season we had, the evolving of the squad and the deserved parade for this set of mentality monsters.

With Host, Gae (Twitter: @SSB95332892), Amy Kate (Twitter/Instagram: @amykate8lfc), Randi (Twitter: @randigarmann) & Kim (Instagram: @kimdutchie).

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