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On this day in 2016, Stevie Announced his Retirement From Professional Football

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

I can believe it was 4 years ago today, Steven Gerrard announced that he would be retiring from football at age 36. He spent 19 years as a professional footballer making his debut at age 17.

Stevie played 710 matches, scoring 186 goals for the Reds, winning nine major trophies. This includes 2 FA Cups, 3 League Cups and in 2005, he helped Liverpool FC win their 5th Champions League Trophy, before he chose to move to Los Angeles and join LA Galaxy in 2015. That was a bittersweet moment for me. I was sad knowing I would not see him in Liverpool Red again, but was over the moon that he‘d be up the road for the next 18 months playing for my local MLS team and I’d would be able to watch him play live for a little bit longer.

In 2016 Stevie had said: “I feel lucky to have experienced so many wonderful highlights over the course of my career.”

“I have had an incredible career and am thankful for each and every moment of my time at Liverpool, England and LA Galaxy.”

“I fulfilled my childhood dream by pulling on the famous red shirt of Liverpool.”

“I am excited about the future and feel I still have a lot to offer the game, in whatever capacity that may be.”

I’ve been lucky to have so many incredible memories with Stevie G. I was already a season ticket holder for the LA Galaxy but that season a large group of us bought season tickets together behind the goal. For his first match we all wear Liverpool shirts. He scored that day and ran to where we were near the corner flag to celebrate. He knew we were there for him.

The next 18 months I drove up to LA for every match to cheer him and the LA Galaxy on. As a season ticket holder we had the privilege to meet some of the players and I was able to meet my football hero for the first time that definitely wasn’t the last.

The event planner in me came out and my mind was racing. There are so many Liverpool fans in Southern California and if I could get an event together it would be epic. Towards the end of the season I got a hold of a few contacts at the LA Galaxy and pitched my idea. After months and months of waiting and hard work, I finally got the call. Steven was onboard. He was willing to do a mini press conference and meet and great after the match on May 8, 2016. It was one of the most memorable moments of my life. It was a huge success and many of us were able to have a dream come true.

A few months later I was organizing another #LFC Legends night with Steve Heighway. Once again another idea popped into my head. I thought, How cool would it be to get Steve Heighway and Steven Gerrard together in LA. I was sitting at Starbucks with Steve Heighway and Barry Whitbread when I received the call. I was told to be at the stadium at 9 am to watch Gerrard and the team practice before their match the next day. When I was introduced to Stevie he replied with I’ve met her before it’s great to see you again. Inside , I was jumping for joy because he remembered me! If that wasn’t special enough, I had an opportunity to have a one on one conversation with Stevie for more than 20 mins. I was able to have a candid conversation with him about LA, the up coming match & his plans for the future. It was a day I will cherish and never forget. I was sitting next the Stevie when Steve Heighway asked him what his plans were after the LA Galaxy. At that time he was finishing up his badges. I remember Heighway telling him give me a call when your back in Liverpool. Months later Stevie was working at the Academy. I want to believe that day was when the wheel was put in motion.

June 1, 2018 he was offered the job as manager at Rangers.

Thank you Stevie for all you have done for the sport that I’ve loved since I was 4 years old.

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