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What started as a bit of fun, has turned into a project of JOY.

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Since I was a kid I always loved goofing off and jumping around. If I wasn’t playing soccer (I know it’s known as football in most of the world but I grew up in Southern California), I was tumbling in a gymnastics gym or in my front yard with the neighborhood kids. I may not be as nimble and flexible as I once was but, I can still jump!

This season I decided to do something different to celebrate #LiverpoolFootballClub. I know many of you have teased me over the years about posting a game-day selfie (that I still do of course) and for the last several seasons I have created post-match collages filled with #Liverpool Fans from all over the world but I thought it would be fun to do something no one else is doing this season. That’s when I came up with the ‘Celebratory Leap of JOY’ and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. So thank you to everyone supporting me. It's been fun finding unique and scenic places to take the photos and do my 'Leap'. By the way, I am always up for suggestions and new ideas if anyone wants to share.

The idea was every time #LiverpoolFC won a match, I’d post a ‘Celebratory Leap of Joy’. Our beloved Reds have had such an incredible season so far. As of early December, we have played 16 Premier League matches winning 15 and only drew one to Manchester United away. That's not counting the UEFA Super Cup win or the Champions League & Carabao Cup matches. As of Saturday, Liverpool has advanced to the UEFA Champions League knock out stage. I am hoping we can continue our winning streak and end up in the Champions League final for the third year in a row. Better yet, winning it for the seventh time!! #unbearables

I put a lot of thought into every jump and location hoping to make each one unique and different. Most of the leaps have been taken in my home town of San Diego but a few have been taken elsewhere including Green Valley, Arizona, and Kananaskis, Canada. I have some trips coming up this season so there will surely be leaps from Las Vegas, NV, Murfreesboro, TN & Liverpool, England to name a few.

I have been asked many times, is that really you? How do you jump so high? Have the pictures been photoshopped? I can't explain the spring in my leaps but I can confirm, all the photos are of me and no, they have not been photoshopped. I can even provide video proof of a few of the leaps.

I hope you enjoy my ‘Celebratory Leap of JOY’ journey and I encourage you to join in on the celebration with me like some of my girlfriends have. A shout out to two of my dearest friends and fellow Liverpool supporters, Raeganne Eastman and Maureen (Little Mo Irish) Dannerhoj.

Some of our Liverpool players including Roberto Firmino and Jordan Henderson have joined on too. I’d like to think I was the one who influenced them!! LOL All kidding aside, long may the leaps last! Keep a lookout for the next ‘Celebratory Leap of JOY’.

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