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VAR - Love it or Leave it?

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

There has been so much controversy since Video Assistant Referee (VAR) has been implemented in the Premier League and it seems everyone has an opinion.

When Mo Salah was asked by CNN reporter Becky Anderson what he thought of VAR, he replied, “I don’t like it. But that’s my answer always.“

When Anderson asked why, he explained, “I like the football how it is. It’s ok to sometimes protect the players from dangerous play. But for me, I accept the football with the mistakes of the referee, the mistakes of the player. That’s how the football gets more excited. That’s how the people get more passionate about it. But the VAR is too fair. Last year, I had a penalty in the final of Champions League and it helped me out a lot. It’s too fair. We like it with the mistakes.”

Anderson asked, “What do you think the impact of VAR will have on the game?” Salah replied, "More penalties for me.” Then with a huge smile and a bit of laughter, he continued with, “you will see that."

Hand ball by Thietty Henry during the World Cup Qualifier that knocked out the Republic of Ireland in 2010.

One memory that stands out in my mind still to this day, nine years later is how frustrated and angry I was because Thierry Henry’s handball was never called. This allowed the French National team to advance to the World Cup, knocking out the Republic of Ireland in 2010. I was one of the many fans left disappointed and heartbroken for Ireland. I’d like to believe if VAR was implemented back then, the outcome would have been different. However, that’s something we will never know.

Of course, there was late drama in Saturday’s match between Manchester City and Tottenham which led to both teams earning a point and ending the game in a draw because Gabriel Jesus' late goal was disallowed due to VAR. As #LiverpoolFC fan, I was over the moon about the result, but we all know the saying, “What comes around, goes around.”

I’d say there are definitely pros and cons to this controversial topics. I can see both sides of the agreement, so I’ve made a short list.


📌It’s makes the game more fair

📌Reduces refereeing errors helping with making more accurate calls

📌One could argue that the anticipation and build-up to the call creates excitement

📌Hold the referee accountable

📌Use of Goal-line technology is a plus

📌Bad calls by a referee being overturned

📌Protects both the referee and players alike


📌It’s too fair, as Salah has suggested.

📌Takes the excitement out of football

📌Even with VAR, then the decision can be subjective

📌The human element is taken away

📌Slows or delays the game

Are you for it?

Are you against it?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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