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Just In Time For The Women’s World Cup, Nike Introduce The Phantom Luna Designed For Female Athletes

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Nike’s Phantom Luna-A boot that changes football for athletes changing everything. Introducing the all-new Phantom Luna—a testament to female footballers’ talent, dedication and passion. Coming June 28.🌙 #NikeFC (📸 Property of Nike)

With the FIFA Women's World Cup fast approaching, Nike unveiled the Phantom Luna Elite FG to the world on Wednesday, June 7, 2023. The boot is inspired, designed, built, and tested by female footballers such as American soccer player, Crystal Dunn, Brazilian footballer, Debinha and French footballer, Grace Geyoro. With the alarming statistics female athletes tear their ACL more often than their male count part, Nike’s Sport Research Lab spent 2 years on a research study discovering the difference in the women's game before manufacturing the Phantom Luna.

“By putting female athletes at the center of the process, we ended up with an amazing performance product for everyone.”

Emily Johnson, Senior Product Line Manager

The Phantom Luna feature Gripknit technology feature texturing details to help create ball control wherever she moves. ASYM FIT designed using an anatomically angled collar and increased midfoot adjustability to provide a snug fit making it feel like an extension of the foot. And finally, the Cyclone 360 Plate was engineered to optimize traction and help make quick moves and precise cuts on the pitch.

Crystal Dunn, USWNT (📸 Property of Nike)

"I was part of the wear test group for Phantom Luna in Nike's Sport Research Lab and have been able to continue to test them in practice," says Crystal Dunn, USWNT athlete. "The Phantom Luna's design allows me to plant, pivot and push off with ease."

Brazilian footballer, Débora Cristiane de Oliveira or simply Debinha stated, "When I stop, start or change direction," she says, "I feel secure and confident."

Debinha, Brazilian, International Footballer (📸 Property of Nike)

In an article in Tom Hopkins Medicine, “ACL Tears in Female Athletes: Q&A with a Sports Medicine Expert, Andrew Cosgarea, M.D. was asked, Why are ACL tears more common in female athletes? Cosgarea stated, "The structure of the knee joint in women plays a big role in putting them at a higher risk for an ACL tear. Women’s joints — including the knee — generally have more looseness and range of motion than men’s. Women also often have less muscle mass around the knee, contributing to more instability, which can lead to a ligament tear if the ligament gets overstretched."

"Technique differences also play a role. When coming down from a jump, female athletes tend to land in a collapsing pattern, moving their knees inward and often not bending them enough. The combination of these factors makes an ACL tear more likely."

FIFA's Women's Cup is taking place in Australia and New Zealand kicking off on July 20, 2023. The Phantom Luna will be making it debut at the tournament.

French International Footballer, Grace Geyoro (📸 Property of Nike)

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