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Another Historical Day in Football - First Female Referee To Officiate A Premier League Fixture

Another historical day for Women in sport. On December 23, 2023, Rebecca Welsh became the first female to officiate a Premier League fixture.

It was just two years ago she became the first female to referee the #EFL fixture between Harrogate and Port Vale which resulted in 0-2 win to Port Vale. Today Welsh took charge of the Fulham v Burnley match. What an incredible journey.

Burnley manager, Vincent Kompany called it a "milestone moment"

"I wanted to congratulate her because it's a big moment," he said. "It's fair to say that it's a milestone moment, and may there be more, and the best thing will always be when someone is judged on merit.

"But you have to have a first, and this is it. So, well-done [to her], and I'm happy to be part of this moment."

Welsh, 40, received a warm welcome and was applauded by spectators as she emerged from the tunnel at Craven Cottage.

In 2010, she became a referee in conjunction with her job with the NHS and in 2019, she was officiating full time as a referee.

If young girls are looking for a role model, keep an eye on this trailblazer as she continues to inspire generations, new and old! I look forward to seeing your face on the Telly on a regular basis!

Congratulations #RebeccaWelch ‼️

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